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Group happenings

Group Client Registration

Easy-to-use and handy tools for creating, configuring, and managing group bookings in the CRM system.

Group happenings

14 lá de leagan iomlán saor in aisce

Rochtain neamhtheoranta ar gach plean le haghaidh 14 lá #2

Bain úsáid as gach gné de ár dtáirge go hiomlán saor in aisce agus gan aon srian. Meas an feidhmíocht, buntáistí, agus compord an EasyWeek.

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Loved by 10,000+ businesses for easy online booking.

Rated {score} stars

No more double bookings or forgotten appointments, EasyWeek got us sorted. It's been a game-changer for our gym. Cheers!

playmarketEoin KennedyFitness Gym
Rated {score} stars

As a pet groomer, I find EasyWeek just fantastic. It's simple to use and very efficient. My customers love it too, they can book their pets in for a grooming anytime they want. Honestly, it's a game changer. Keep up the good work!

applestoreMairead O'SullivanPet Grooming
Rated {score} stars

It's a decent booking system, helps in keeping appointments in order. The automatic reminder feature is quite handy. However, there were a few technical issues initially.

g2Liam MurphyDentist
Rated {score} stars

Absolutely brilliant service! I've cut down my time spent on booking management by half and more people are dining in. EasyWeek, you're a lifesaver.

playmarketSeamus O'ReillyRestaurant
Rated {score} stars

We've been using EasyWeek for our restaurant for 6 months and I must say, it's quite reliable. Occasionally there are a few glitches but they sort it out quickly enough. Overall, a solid service.

trustpilotPatrick O'SheaRestaurant
Rated {score} stars

EasyWeek has truly made my life so much easier. Scheduling clients for fitness sessions was a headache before, now it's a breeze. Only issue is the mobile interface could be a little friendlier.

g2Sean O'ReillyGym
Rated {score} stars

Good product, it's easy to use. Could be a bit more customizable but overall, I'm happy with the service. Helped streamline my bookings quite a bit.

getappFionnuala DoyleBeauty Salon
Rated {score} stars

We've been using EasyWeek for a few months now, and it's made our lives so much easier. Appointments are smooth, and our patients love the convenience. Top marks for EasyWeek!

playmarketCaitlin MurphyDental Clinic
Rated {score} stars

In the car rental business, things can get hectic. But with EasyWeek, we've automated bookings and it's a breeze now. Can't imagine work without it. Cheers!

capterraPadraig ByrneCar Rental
Rated {score} stars

As a small gym owner, it was always a challenge managing bookings. But since we switched to EasyWeek, it's been a lot smoother and more organised. Few hiccups here and there, but overall I’ve been very satisfied with the service.

trustpilotPatrick MurphyGym
Frequently asked questions

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What are Group events in EasyWeek?

Group events in EasyWeek are a feature that allows businesses to create an event or appointment that can be booked by multiple clients at the same time. This is ideal for workshops, webinars, group classes, or tours.

How can I create a Group event in EasyWeek?

Creating a Group event is simple. Navigate to the 'Group Events' section in your account, click on 'Create a Group Event', fill in the necessary details such as event name, date, duration, price, and the number of participants allowed, then click 'Save'.

Can I limit the number of participants for a Group event?

Yes, you can set a maximum limit for the number of participants for each Group event. This will prevent overbooking and ensure that each participant gets an optimal experience.

How can my clients book a spot in a Group event?

Your clients can book a spot in a Group event through the EasyWeek platform. They will see the event listed in your schedule, from where they can choose a spot and complete their booking.

Can I manage and track bookings for Group events?

Absolutely! EasyWeek provides an efficient tracking system that allows you to monitor the number of bookings for each Group event, see who has booked, and manage cancellations or changes in bookings.

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